Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most effective and convenient way of making your company easily found on the web. SEO is basically the solid foundation of your online marketing plan.

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SEO consequently increases your web presence as a company attracting new customers and therefore grow your business. The organic SEO services that we offer are aimed at placing you on top of your game and right next to your new customers.

What is a better way to check the effectiveness of SEO to your company than to take a look at the statistics?

  • 95% of customers, before buying, research using search engines
  • 91% of customers, after searching, contact the business immediately
  • 83% of search engine traffic make it to the first three organic results

Organic SEO Working Process

The method our SEO uses is constantly evolving and improving to meet our changing clients’ needs and to register best results altogether. The following is a brief rundown:
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Website Analysis

In-depth examination of your website will be done by our experts to detect any errors that stand in your way to success and identify opportunities to improve. They will work on your site around the clock to exceed all the expectations. Diagnostic tests for your websites including site architecture, page speed, URL names, broken links, multimedia elements as well as other technical ranking factors will be provided by the very skilled staff that we have. Algorithm changes by search engine companies like Google keep affecting websites, and we will always be on time and available to offer solutions.

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Competitive Analysis

As stated before, understanding your competitors is one of our objectives. We aim at fully understanding your business and use all information available to eliminate all competitors. This tells you that our competitor research is thoroughly done to thwart every competitor’s online efforts. Our experts will show our esteemed clients how to boost their website’s traffic volume and connect with potential buyers.

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Keyword Research

One of the critical factors for successful SEO is a precise selection of the keyword to use. The right choice of a keyword will determine the ranking of your website and consequently, the quality and number of visitor that find your website. The kind of research we do on the keyword is absolutely out of this world that discovers the best one for conversation, growth and traffic. The methodology for keyword selection will directly involve you to ensure that the found keyword through exploration is reachable, relevant and aimed at increasing revenues, sales and subscribers just to name a few.

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On Page SEO Optimization

After a careful selection of the keywords for every page is conducted, we proceed to construct a search engine friendly HTML code that is assessed by search engine crawlers to determine the ranking of your site according to the results of every search result. Onsite optimization guides crawlers around your site during the determination the value of your site. Offsite optimization and promotion of your site increase relevancy, popularity and value of your site increasing your ranking in search engines.

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Content Development

Your website needs unique and exclusive contents on your pages. This content should be created around the proper keywords which are associated with your company’s products and services offered. Frequent updates that provide new information is also required. The recent Google’s Panda update determines your site’s overall subject authority basing on the content of your pages. This is reason enough to have a content development strategy for your website. If that is what you were looking for, well, look no further because that is exactly what we do. We will create a focused industry content for your site aimed at increasing the rankings of your best keywords.

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Social Media Marketing

With our Social Media Marketing strategies, you will be able to reach a further audience. Our experienced staff will create a customized social media campaign focused on your target audience.

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Off Page Link Building

Search engines like Google and Yahoo require link building to rank a website highly. This sophistication can prove to be very difficult to achieve at a personal level. As a solution to this, we have a panel of experts who have specialized in creating organic and customized links that will ensure you displace your competitors. This is by the recent Google’s algorithm updates that have affected the method used to rank and score web pages. We offer only manually link building to help organic keywords ranking.

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SEO Tracking, Consulting, and Reporting

We provide you with a team of SEO experts who provide an ongoing management and consultation services for your site. This consultation is data driven. We review and analyze the progress and ranking of your website by focusing on the most important details. We do our reporting on matters like implementation, competitive analysis, link analysis, code changes and much more.

Why you choose Loftyserp SEO Company?

  • SEO gives an organic establishment on the web that ensures a sustainable and long-term growth plan for your business
  • We not only provide a powerful online presence but also customize our services according to our individual client’s campaigns.
  • Priority is given to the objectives of the business to ensure optimum success in the best way possible.
  • This is done by cordially involving you in setting up goals and the objectives for your success.
  • Loftyserp use the best white hat method, because SEO is a dynamic mathematical science that is constantly evolving, to apply their knowledge in ranking quality websites.
  • Our skilled and well-trained staff of analysts and experts has good knowledge by Google latest algorithm updated.
  • Our interest to understand your business plan, your website, and your competitors
  • To work closely with you to determine the course of action to be taken to stamp your success through SEO.
  • By working with your budget, we treat your success as if it were our own to promote explosive results
  • Return on your investment (ROI).

We openly and thoroughly perform our duties taking well calculated, executed and measured steps. Every course of action we take is tailored to ensure your success by involving you in the quest. Looking forward to working with you to achieve your set goals.
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