Affordable Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing is mandatory for online business success. With our Social Media Marketing strategies, you will be able to reach a further audience. Our experienced staff will create a customized social media campaign focused on your target audience. A previous analysis will allow us to determine who your target client is, and where. Subsequently, we will plan and implement your social marketing campaign, adapting each social post, and interaction to each of the different platforms. Deep knowledge of the functioning and concepts of each of the social media is as necessary as a profound expertise on the marketing fundamentals.

Social Media Marketing That We Provide

Our social media marketing services include creating accounts on your behalf on each platform and posting in each of them the adequate type of content.

Brand Building

We can take advantage of social media to build a new solid brand or to make an existing brand become an authority in whatever business field.

Social Presence

If you are not online, you don´t exist. We will make sure to expand your presence to all the relevant social media.

Activity Reports

We will provide you a detailed report of the different marketing campaigns on each social media, and detailed information on how each platform is contributing to generating traffic to your website.

Engage Customers

Our social media marketing campaigns will create a close and interactive relationship with your prospect clients to attract and engage them. Let us turn your fans and followers into loyal customers.

Social Shares

Part of our social media marketing strategies includes uploading such catchy posts that your current followers will want to share them with their friends, spreading your name and brand even more.

Loftyserp Social Media Marketing Process

1- Analyzing Your Target Audience

Understanding which segment of the population is most prone to become your client/buyer, we will know where and how to approach them.

2-Social Media Optimization

Each social platform targets a different audience, requires a certain tone and style. We will take care of optimizing all your social media content and interactions for each particular network.

3-Technical Social Media Evaluation or Audit

We will keep full track of the various campaigns in each social media to keep improving the results and to present you detailed reports of how each of them is leading traffic to your website.

4-Content Creation

We will create written, graphic and multimedia content to make sure you have a strong online presence in any available format.

5-Local and Global Strategies

Depending on your business type, functioning, and objectives we can set local or global strategies to expand your clientele through social media.

6- SEO and Link Building

Identifying the perfect keywords is what will make your social campaign succeed. We apply deep SEO analysis and implementation even in your social postings.

Experience and Success Grant You Getting The Best Possible Results!!

Loftyserp has been operating since 2013. Such extensive experience allowed us to develop robust and result-oriented social media marketing campaigns. We have contributed to the online success of over 500 clients.

Experience: Social media are highly dynamic and keep changing. Being up to date on how each social platform is behaving and changing, enables us to keep you on top of the latest socialization trends.

Teamwork: Every person working at Loftyserp has his own area of expertise, and that is what makes the difference. In every project we take, we make sure to assign the best team to work on it, based on the needs of each particular business.

Research and Analysis Specialists: Overall Internet, SEO practices, marketing trends, and social media are constantly evolving. We count on search and analysis specialists which closely monitor all relevant aspects of each marketing camping.

Communication: Communication is crucial for the success of any social media marketing campaign. We are proud to count on highly skilled professionals who not only know about marketing but also master communicative and social skills.

Reputation and Feedback: Our reputation is immaculate since we regularly undergo third-party quality audits. We are also proud of permanently receiving valuable testimonials from our clients.