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We are a place over the internet which is offering excellent digital marketing services at nominal charges.

In case you are looking for SEO services, PPC Service, Social Media Marketing,
Creation & Updating of website, Website Designing & Re-Designing, etc...

We’re a proud partner of Google.

What We Do

Why choose us as your digital agency?

We will give you unlimited benefits and excellent reasons to choose us as a part of your success journey. By outsourcing your digital marketing tasks and target to us, you will focus on your core business. We are here with all the services that will benefit you in the long run: no short-term gains and no fake promises. Only long-term benefits are guaranteed.

We strictly follow Google guidelines and are aware of the updates. It helps us to create relevant content for our customers and update their e-commerce platform at a period. We are always aiming to offer high-quality services to our customers and adhere to offer support beyond association.

All about Loftyserp

We began as a few and now are a family of eleven, headed by Mr SovoSowravDatta. Professionals are a part of the business and ensure expert guidance is offered to the customers. Communication is one of our central characters, and we focus on building a long-term association. In case you are concern about the numbers related to the performance of your website. Contact us to know ground-level reality and how we can offer you unlimited scope for continuous success. 

How do we make it possible for clients?

At a glance, we focus on bringing requirements to the table. The first discussion helps us know your basic needs, gradually we help you find your exact requirements. The problem-solving technique adopted by us allows us to suggest solutions for various issues. The services offered by us majorly provide all the answers.

Steps that we follow when a potential client approaches us:

Discuss requirement

The beginning of the association is by introducing the problem and discuss its causes. You can share your heart out and tell us about your vision of your brand. Every idea, thought, and input is valuable for us. We will ensure everything is focusing on your goals. If you are looking for a digital agency that is more like a marketing partner, we are here to listen to you. Let's discuss your project!

Analyze present situation

After discussion, we will use our tools to analyze the current condition of your business. You can be a well-established website owner yet ranking low. We will see the core issues and share details of our analysis with you. The scalability of the project won't be a hindrance. We will analyze your market reputation, social media presence, and brand value.

Suggest possible solution

The best way to pitch is to hit on the right subject. We believe in focusing on one thing at a time. We will be sharing the weak areas of your brand. The scope of your brand will be decided after the analysis. We will transparently share the suggested solutions with you.

Describe our services

We aim to share every essential detail about our services and sub-services. A proper estimate about our work boundaries, the time required to complete the task, possible expenses, experts' contributions, etc.; everything will be discussed and shared. It is our way to share work ethics and the way we will handle your task.

Create a Project budget

We believe in the fixed budget, which can be flexible when adding more services. It helps us estimate our investment in your brand, and you get an idea about the investment to be made to get access to our services. It is a sure-short investment as you will soon be flooded with gains.

Finalize the Project

The best way to finalize is to submit the complete set of completed tasks in one go. We will be on time, within your budget, and you will start noticing the results.

Complete project with 100% satisfaction

The only way to establish a long-term association is by offering the exact requirement. We are dedicated to our clients and try hard to provide complete satisfaction with available resources.

What Our Client Says About Us


Sowrav is a delight to work with. He is trustworthy, a fountain of knowledge and works extremely hard. I will continue to work with him in the future as we make more progress with the goals ahead

Jack Harding

Managed and set up our social media and SEO. good work, fast comunication.


Video Testimonial from Clients

Advantages to Clients

The various advantages our clientele enjoy are as follows:

And there are many more, come and explore them with us. We are waiting to serve you with our expertise.

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