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Loftyserp digital agency is engaged in handling the digital presence of a brand. We can offer various digital services, including SEO service, social media services, paid marketing service and website development and designing.

A team headed by Mr. Sowrav Datta, an SEO Expert, working as a professional in this field for the past twelve years. The team consists of experts of different fields heading in one direction to help customers achieve organizational goals and stand out with ethical marketing. We have successfully helped hundreds of websites in the past decade and aim to continue our excellent services.

The need for digital marketing is now a basic need for e-commerce websites. The sales target and social media presence are hard to handle. There is tough competition, and ranking seems to be a long-lost marathon if you are new in this field. With our help, you can see the difference in your performance chart. The graph will move upward, and You will be able to achieve your target sale calls. The selection of keywords and placement is our job. We are skilled and experienced in doing it for you.

We have helped our clients to launch a social media campaign and get seven to eight-figure followers. We know the tricks and tips to get the attention of your targeted audience. If you want to become a social media content creator and struggling to mark your presence? Contact us and get your quote!

Our Mission

We aim to offer excellent digital solutions to our customers and help them to get leads. We believe in long-term association and work hard to uplift the brand value of our customers.

Our Vision

We aim to create a Digital Marketing Agency that is an ideal place for every brand and website. We actively recruit skilled and talented personnel to offer dynamic solutions over the internet.
“In 2012, I started as an SEO consultant and worked for an agency for roughly four months. The next month I decided to Launched my Agency, “Loftyserp.” The passion for creating a brand house that helps others to mark their presence over the internet compelled me to do it in my way. Today I share my load with ten highly talented people. We are a family and have similar goals for our agency.”
Why Chose

Loftyserp Digital Agency?

Are you looking for a reliable Digital Agency? You have just got on the right place, and we are experienced in digital marketing, reliable to aim high targets and have proved our skills in past. With the updating policies of google and modification in the search results, we ensure we cover all the aspects to help you rank better and get the right audience. We will upscale your brand, and by monitoring at regular intervals, we’ll ensure targeted results are achieved. The all-good reasons to choose us are highlighted below:

Expert & Rightly-Skilled Staff: At present, we have experts in every field and service we are offering to our clients. Every department is headed by professional and well-skilled personnel. We are humble and friendly people, helping our clients to reach new heights. The growth and opportunity offered by us are unbeatable in the digital market. We are ten and still growing in number.

Offer Quick Solutions: We have predetermined plans, and we follow them whenever clients raise their doubts and concerns. We apply techniques and our set of skills to offer quick solutions to our customers. Today, people value time more than money. We value both for our customers. Fast doesn’t mean irrelevant or suggestive. “It took us several years to attain the right skills and do a task within few minutes.” If you are looking for fast solutions, we are here for you.

Tremendous Increase in Brand Value: The service offered by us is efficient, and we do not give assurance instead results. Our expertise has helped us carve out excellent brand value if you are struggling with issues related to brand value. Contact us now! We will ensure you achieve growth within your time budget.

Uplift Social Media Reputation: We are thrilled to share the success stories of our clientele, and you will be highly impressed to see results. Our work reflects the before and after social media image of our clients. “Reputation is not built in a day but with constant positive efforts.” We will make efforts on your behalf. Just share your requirement with us.

Guidance for future endeavors: Our team believes in communal growth; we suggest your constant change. A pathway is recommended to help you choose the right direction.

Help to achieve targeted goals: Once you count on us, we will ensure your goals become our goals for the project. Let’s discuss your project.

Our Unique Features
The features that make us unique and have helped thousands of clients in the past decade:

High-Quality Services: We are capable of delivering high-quality services to our clients. We focus on better results by suggesting the best solutions.

Budgeted Solutions: The predefined budget helps us to work transparently and offer excellent quality. The clients are satisfied as they have a fixed budget for their project and are aware of the expense.

Customized services: Each client is different, and we offer unique services customized for each client.

Flexible solutions: Options are given while discussing your project. The most suitable one is selected as per the convenience of our client.

Round the clock Service: You have a query? We are listening. Contact us through email or live chat facility. Our team is available 24X7 to hear you out and help in the best possible manner.

Long-term relationship: We believe in a long-term relationship with our customers. The aim is to help everyone grow with our expertise and skills.

Contact us for further details and check out our services to know more about our offerings!

Who We Are

Meet our Team

Sowrav Datta

Founder & CTO

Mahmudul Hasan

Web Developer

Bithi Datta

Social Media Strategist

Hamidur Rahman

Senior Digital Marketer

Partha Datta

Seo Trainee


Digital Marketer


Seo Trainee
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Years in Service
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Website Development
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Markting Projects
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Happy Clients
What Our Client Says About Us


Sowrav is a delight to work with. He is trustworthy, a fountain of knowledge and works extremely hard. I will continue to work with him in the future as we make more progress with the goals ahead

Jack Harding

Managed and set up our social media and SEO. good work, fast comunication.


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