Terms and Conditions

Once and order placed by a client who is either an individual or a business organization using the services of Loftyserp is received, it can`t refund. 

No Refund: Every order is final. You can check our full refund policy.
Subscriptions /Services/Monthly Packages Cancellation: Any subscriptions can cancel any time end of a month. After paid running month payment you can cancel subscriptions/services/monthly packages.

Payment: Placement of the order should also be followed by setup payment and 1st-month payment for monthly based packages.
The payment terms agreed upon will not be altered at any given time upon signing of the agreement without prior approval by the Loftyserp Digital Agency.

Domain/Hosting: The name of the domain and web hosting shall be provided by the client at the time of hosting, and the time required to do the development of the website will be determined before the full completion of the whole project.
We also offer domain and hosting services. You can check loftyserp domain and hosting page.

Web Design/DevelopmentDuring development, the client will be emailed layouts for approval. Any suggestions on the development process will be considered by us as long as it lies within the scope of our work. Delays in the reply of approval emails will consequently push the project completion time forward.

Packages: Before order check loftyserp each packages details. After full check and confirmation then you can place your requirement services package order through our package page.

No Warranty or Guarantee. While we truly believe in our services loftyserp provide in design, strategies implemented in my services, you agree and understand that we can’t and don’t make any promise, warranty or guarantee that it will work for you and your business.

Content and Copyrights: It is a requirement that the product pictures be used for home page and the descriptions from the product pictures together with any other details be provided by the client. The client will also have the ownership of copyrights of all additional materials used during the execution of the project. These may include artwork, photos, and trade names. Until the complete payment compensation to Loftyserp by the client, the copyright of all web pages designed and developed by Loftyserp will remain with Loftyserp and later transferred to the clients upon full settlement of all the remuneration.


The terms and conditions stated above are standard. There will be additions made to the partnership agreement over time or for specific clients who require more specialized procedures.